Export Initiative for Environmental Protection

4th International Conference

Valorization of Agricultural Residues Towards Climate-Smart Agriculture in South-East Asia

Dear Colleages,

Agricultural residuals, primarily composed of starchy and lignocellulosic materials, along with protein-rich components, are frequently discarded into the environment or incinerated onsite, the consequences are twofold: adverse environmental effects and a squandering of valuable natural resources. The management of agricultural residues should hence be viewed through technical lens, as well as environmental, economic, and logistical standpoints by embracing a climate-smart agriculture approach. This aligns with the concept of utilizing biogas technology to convert organic waste, such as agricultural residuals, into renewable energy sources, thereby mitigating environmental degradation and promoting sustainable resource utilization.

The fourth conference on the valorization of agricultural residues in Hanoi City, Vietnam is an opportunity for knowledge exchange among professionals in Vietnam and other countries to assist the formulation of an efficient, sustainable organic waste management in the local context. The conference is organized in the context of the Vietnamese-German research project S-ircle, which stands for Circular Biogas Technology - Smart Filter Systems for H2S-Removal and S-Recovery. For more information about the S-ircle project, please check https://s-ircle.com. We invite all the scientists and practitioners to come together and share their knowledge and research, contributing to the following topics* by a presentation or a poster:

Topic 1: Biomass resources and bioenergy

  • Mass flows of agricultural residues (sources, characterization, quantification, inventories)
  • Biomass mobilization and logistic
  • Use of organic residues for bioenergy such as biogas, RDF,…

Topic 2: Sustainable technologies

  • Innovative technologies for residue valorization and treatment
  • Inovative Technologies for air, water and soil treatment in agriculture
  • Residue utilization in industrial biotechnology
  • Inovatives technologies for plastic recycling
  • Plastic circular ecomnomy
  • Fertilizer production technology from agricultural residues

Topic 3: Environmental Impacts and Management

  • Monitoring of environmental impacts including GHG emssions, polution and mitigation in agriculture
  • Biomass management, circular economy strategies and policies
  • Challenges and opportunities for the sustainable technologies
  • Sustainable soil and water management in agriculture
  • Service and financing models for sustainable agriculture

The conference will take place on 19th September 2024 at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, No. 1 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Interested attendees are requested to register using the form below.

Deadline for the registration is the 12:00 pm, 12th September 2024, GMT+7 (i.e. Hanoi time).

March 2023 – February 2025